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I ordered the wrong size / item! Can I exchange?

To ensure the item(s) you want are in stock and to guarantee you get the item(s) you want, we don't offer online exchanges. Simply return your item(s) within 14 days for a full refund. See our return policy. Then place a new order for the preferred item.

What is the importance of quality earring hooks? 

When purchasing earrings it's important to consider the quality of the hardware that is being placed inside your ear. Often earrings that are purchased at a low price have cheap ear hardware that contains certain metals such as nickel, which can cause many people's ears to react. Ear hardware that is gold plated has a very thin layer of gold electroplated on it. It is often used in inexpensive jewelry and can easily wear off and expose the metal underneath. Gold filled jewelry, however, has almost 100 percent more gold than gold plated jewelry. Gold filled has a much thicker layer of gold and the gold is of much higher quality. In fact, gold filled jewelry is only a step below solid gold jewelry when it comes to quality and value. Gold filled is very strong and durable. It won't chip, flake or tarnish and is a great alternative to solid gold jewelry, at a much more affordable price. Gold filled looks beautiful and will last you many many years compared to gold plated which will tarnish and chip away over a short period of time. 

Our Sterling Silver earring hooks are 92.5% silver. They too are great for sensitive ears. Both 14 karat gold filled and sterling silver hooks are nickel free. We also have stainless steel hooks on hand for those who have very rare reactions to gold and sterling silver. 

 What size earrings should I order?

Most of our customers prefer size small or medium in the Tear Drop Shape. Customers who are new to statement earrings often choose size small or medium. Size large and Xlarge will get noticed the most. Women with shorter hair often go for a smaller size while women with longer hair tend to go bigger. However, it's really a matter of personal preference. All of our earrings are extremely lightweight and comfortable; whichever size you decide to choose.

Tear Drop Shape: Size Small= 1 1/4", Medium = 2", Large= 2.5", XLarge= 3'

*** Sizes have now been updated! Original sizing was: Mini= 1 1/4"', Small= 2", Medium= 2.5", Large= 3". SIZING IS NOW: Small= 1 1/4", Medium= 2", Large= 2.5", Xlarge= 3". We are only bring 3 of the Tear Drop Shape sizes to the markets, small, medium and large.****

Are all the Leather earrings the same thickness/ made from the same leather? 

No, but most are similar in thickness. Although all our leathers are lightweight and comfortable. Leather thickness is specified on each product page. 

 Will you restock leather colors?

Yes and no. There are times when we sell out of shades of colors and are unable to restock them and many of our colors are limited so if you see a color that you love, buy it before it sells out! Also, join our mailing list so we can notify you if/when we are able to restock a color you like. But we are always bringing in new colors/ shades of colors throughout the seasons.

 How do I care for my leather earrings? 

We suggest storing your Emmibell earrings in a dry flat place or hang them. Be mindful not to put heavy objects on top of them or fold them, as this can cause the leather to crease. Most of our earrings can be wiped clean with a damp cloth but be careful because water and moisture can cause discoloration to some leathers. DO NOT soak the leather earrings in water as this will ruin them.   

Do you do custom orders?

Yes, we can! Send us an email of what you're looking for and we will do our best to accommodate.  

Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do! Check out our shipping policy to get all the details.